A Man in black

After COVID hit, and we had to engage audiences from home, we decided to do another "Wonder Women" style series.
The catalyst for the character designs started from simply this thought: "What if John Wick was in the Bible?"

For this summer series, I reimagined the characters in the story of Daniel. The Wonder Women campaign was so loved and successful, I was asked to repeat it in a similar fashion. It was overall smaller in scale due to COVID, but it was still just as successful and remarked upon as Wonder Women.
I had a significantly shorter window of time to develop these characters, as compared to Wonder Women: one week. On top of that, I had to draw five instead of four! I started with Daniel, and then dreamed up his nemesis, Nebuchadnezzar, as a brutal warlord with a lion's mane trophy around his neck. Clever viewers will see that I reused some of Queen Esther's wardrobe for King Neb.
Each character got their own unique design, including cover artwork. I created these characters completely digitally, with no traditional media contribution.


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