Design a capital campaign seeking to raise $7.5M for multi-site renovations and additions.
The idea actually came from my job interview, after I told a story about a previous project I had worked on called - you guessed it - Worth It. The title was all I had to go on. The rest was up to me...
The Worth It capital campaign was born out of my job interview, actually. I told a story during the hiring process about the creative struggles of coming up with ideas when there isn’t much of a brief. I recounted a much smaller project that I worked on in a previous job that ended up being called Worth It, and the hiring team liked it so much that they tucked it away for a later use in a fundraising campaign. Ironically, the campaign also ended up being one of those projects that didn’t have a detailed creative brief or much of any creative input or collaboration from anyone else; I generated the entire thing pretty much on my own. Leadership provided raw content, but the theming, branding, design, and execution was all up to me from start to finish. I even came up with the slogan text, which was just universally adopted without notes. Loving print as much as I do, I aimed high on this project, asking for premium paper stock, including gloss finishes, posh finishing options like spot gloss, die-cutting, and double-wire binding. My opinion is that when you are asking people for money, you have to show them money, and even more importantly, the tasteful use of it. Creating an elegant, functional vision book with premium touches and bespoke design signals to donors that generosity is rewarded with quality and consideration. To reinforce the aim of the campaign, I settled on a watercolor painting visual motif. The campaign was striving to paint a picture of a future that we may or may not directly benefit from, but that future generations most certainly would. As such, I used the blurry edges of watercolor strokes to convey the beauty found even in uncertainty or happenstance. I also created a majority of the photography in the book, and sourced other images from department leaders. The campaign included tons of digital design, presentations, video elements, business cards, letterhead, and thank you cards.

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