Girls Do it Better

The original idea was to do a look-alike theme of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie for “cultural relevance.”
I convinced the creative team that a movie that was already a year old was not the way to go. Instead, I proposed creating a set of original, modern-styled comic book character designs.

Comic RElief

In order to tell old stories in a new, exciting way that engaged the whole family, including children, I gave each character a modern visual interpretation, and we combined them with the ancient stories to bring the texts to life in ways both new and familiar. In developing each character, I did extensive research on the known details of each character to design their look, including more esoteric – even debated – scholarly details that aren’t often included in retellings of these stories to determine personalities, histories, and even ethnicity. One of the details I’m most proud of was creating characters of color, as they most likely would have been, historically.

Each character got their own unique design, including cover artwork and supplemental promotional items such as trading cards, as well as simple video animations to make each story vibrant, compelling, and alive. Often, I start with a traditional media sketch, scan it, and make it a vector for finishing. Other times, I create the characters completely in a digital environment.

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